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Trade Business
Special steels in all shapes / sections
Carbon steels in all shapes / sections
Non-ferrous metals in all shapes / sections
Stainless Steel in all shapes / sections
 Tool Steels
 Steel for Plastic Applications
 Alloy Steels
 Special Profiles
 Precision Castings
 Fasteners (bolts, screws, nuts)
 Steel Strips
 Perforated Sheets
 Flexible Shafts
 Spring Steel / Springs
 Wires of all types
Vacuum Pumps and Blower
Printing & Coding
Tailor made Packaging machines/Solutions
  Out Sourcing for Tailor Made Parts
Cutting, machining, coating, painting & packaging
Products in Stock

info@pfm.co.il Fax - 972-3-5638115 Tel - 972-3-5368111 P.O.Box 224, Yahud 56100 Paldom Feingold Metals